Honouring Black History

February 1, 2024

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In honor of Black History Month, we are proud to showcase the rich array of scholarly research on black history published in UTP scholarly journals.

Below, we highlight notable special issues and provide a list of articles that will be Free to Read throughout the month of February.

Special Issues:

Canadian Review of American Studies 48.1: Special Issue on Lynching and Its Legacies: Racial Dynamics of Discipline and Punishment in American Culture

Journal of History 56.3: Special Issue on Black Canadian Creativity, Expressive Cultures, and Narratives of Space and Place

Journal of Education Human Resources 40.3: Special Issue on the Intersection of Gender and Race in P–12 and Higher Education Leadership

Modern Drama 62.4: Slavery’s Reinventions

TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 44: Special Issue: Legacies of the 1969 Sir George Williams Student Protests / Guest Editors: Nalini Mohabir and Ronald Cummings

Free to Read Articles:

Canadian Journal of Health History 35.2
“Hotel Refuses Negro Nurse”: Gloria Clarke Baylis and the Queen Elizabeth Hotel
Karen Flyn

Canadian Review of American Studies 48.1
Sound and Silence: The Politics of Reading Early Twentieth-Century Lynching Poetry
Maggie E. Morris Davis

Canadian Theatre Review 193
Casting Blackface in Canada: Unmasking the History of ‘White and Black’ Minstrel Shows
Cheryl Thompson

Eighteenth-Century Fiction 36.1
Police Time: Equiano, Blackness, and Custody
Kaushik Tekur Venkata

International Journal of Canadian Studies 58
Resisting Erasure: Photographic Archives and Black History in Canada
Rachel Lobo

Journal of Canadian Studies 57.1
Black Women’s Mothering Practices in the Canadian Racial State: Reflections on Maternal Sufferation in the Afterlife of Slavery
Erica S. Lawson

Journal of Canadian Family Studies 47.3
Role Reversal of Rural Black Grandparents in South Africa
Mduduzi Nkosinathi Gladwin Mtshali

Journal of Education Human Resources 40.3
Navigating an Uncertain Terrain: Exploring the Engagement of a Residence Life Management Team on a Canadian University Campus with Race and Privilege
Tiffany C. Mintah and Cheryl A. Heykoop

Journal of History 56.3
Black Gold: A Black Feminist Art History of 1920s Montréal 
Joana Joachim

Modern Drama 65.4
The Afterlives of Enslavement: Histories of Racial Injustice in Contemporary Black British Theatre
Clare Finburgh Delijani

TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 46
Longing Across the Black Diaspora: Love, Being and the Door of No Return
Rinaldo Walcott


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