University Press Week 2016: UP Staff Spotlight

November 16, 2016

We’re thrilled to once again be one of over 40 presses participating in this years UP Week Blog Tour. Each day this week, presses will be blogging on a different theme that highlights the value of collaboration among the scholarly community. Each day, we will round up of all the university presses that posted on that day. Today’s presses have shared a post featuring a University Press staff member’s involvement in the scholarly community. Check out all the “UP Staff Spotlight” posts below. Stay tuned for our post coming this Thursday!

Wednesday November 16, 2016: UP Staff Spotlight

Seminary Co-op Bookstores: John Eklund
Wayne State University Press: Rachel Ross
University of Washington Press: Niccole Leilanionapae‘āina Coggins on community and food sovereignty
University Press of Mississippi: Valerie Jones
University of Wisconsin Press: A community of printmakers: Wisconsin & UW Press
Johns Hopkins Univ. Press: Why I Work at a University Press
University of Chicago Press: Levi Stahl on community and the Parker novels

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