First issue of the Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health is now online and open access!

March 9, 2015

screen11The Canadian Institute for Military & Veteran Health Research and the University of Toronto Press are pleased to announce the first issue of the Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health (JMVFH) is now online.

The Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health (JMVFH), edited by Alice Aiken and Stéphanie Bélanger, and managed by Mike Schaub, is the official, scholarly journal of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR). The aim of this new open-access journal is to maximize the health and social wellbeing of military personnel, Veterans, and their families by disseminating world-class research to a broad international and multidisciplinary readership of researchers, practitioners, administrators, and policy makers. The cutting edge nature of research published in JMVFH enables clinicians working to address particular challenges to establish best practices and share preliminary results from new therapies that will lead to the next great breakthroughs.

Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health is open access and available in two editions JMVFH Online and JMVFH Flipbook.

JMVFH Online provides readers the option to read each issue of JMVFH as individual articles and puts all the tools and features most wanted by readers and researchers right at their fingertips. From advanced searching, annotations and bookmarks, live links and citation exporting, to colour photos and video, JMVFH Online is a pleasure to browse, read and/or research through.

JMVFH Flipbook presents readers with a virtual magazine experience and allows them to read or download JMVFH from cover to cover or as individual articles on their desktop and/or mobile device. This enhanced edition offers easy access and navigation, bookmarking and annotations options, embedded links and video/audio and social sharing. Readers can also clip, save and print the entire issue or individual pages from within the highly interactive mobile environment.

Journal of Military, Veteran & Family Health
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2015
JMVFH Online
JMVFH Flipbook

The first issue of JMVFH features some of the best research being done in the field of military and Veteran health including research on the effects of combat on personnel with past mental health problems, generalized anxiety disorder, use of Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environments, as well as explorations into the experience of war and psychological effects of combat. A unique feature of JMVFH is the Talking Points section which outlines cutting-edge research in easily digested, user-friendly brief pieces. This first issue includes several info graphics and perspectives on Veteran transition experiences, comparison between Canadian and American rates of PTSD and the care that Veteran’s receive in each country as well as the medical needs and associated treatment costs of Veterans.

Leading the way for military, Veteran, and family health and well-being
Alice B. Aiken and Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger
Read full article here and on page 10 at JMVFH Flipbook here 

A new resource to study the health of Veterans in Ontario
Alyson L. Mahar, Alice Aiken, Patti Groome, and Paul Kurdyak
Read full article here  and on page 12 at JMVFH Flipbook here

Fast facts on Veterans’ transition experiences
Linda VanTil, Stewart Macintosh, James Thompson, Mary Beth MacLean, Louise Campbell, Kerry Sudom, Sanela Dursun, Michael Herron, and David Pedlar
Read full article here and on page 16 at JMVFH Flipbook here

What is Canada doing that produces better outcomes for Veterans?
Michael A. Verlezza
Read full article here and on page 18 at JMVFH Flipbook here

The imperative of military medical research and the duty to protect, preserve, and provide advanced evidence-informed care
Robert Poisson
Read full article here and on page 20 at JMVFH Flipbook here

Are military personnel with a past history of mental health care more vulnerable to the negative psychological effects of combat?
Mark A. Zamorski, Kimberley Watkins, and Corneliu Rusu
Read full article here and on page 23 at JMVFH Flipbook here

Epidemiology of generalized anxiety disorder in Canadian military personnel
Julie Erickson, D. Jolene Kinley, Tracie O. Afifi, Mark A. Zamorski, Robert H. Pietrzak, Murray B. Stein, and Jitender Sareen
Read full article here and on page 35 at JMVFH Flipbook here

Comorbidity and functional correlates of anxiety and physical conditions in Canadian Veterans
Renée El-Gabalawy, James M. Thompson, Jill Sweet, Julie Erickson, Corey S. Mackenzie, Robert H. Pi­etrzak, Linda VanTil, and Jitender Sareen
Read full article here and on page 46 at JMVFH Flipbook here

Use of the CAREN system as a treatment adjunct for Canadian Armed Forces members with chronic non-specific low back pain: a pilot study
Jacqueline S. Hebert, Eric Parent, Mayank Rehani, Luc J. Hébert, Robert Stiegelmar, and Markus Bese­mann
Read full article here and on page 56 at JMVFH Flipbook here

Cognitive performance improvement in Canadian Armed Forces personnel during deployment
Asad Makhani, Farzad Akbaryan, and Ibolja Cernak
Read full article here and on page 68 at JMVFH Flipbook here

Acute effects of normal saline and lactated Ringer’s with erythropoietin on microcirculatory perfusion, tissue bioenergetics, and gut permeability of the small intestine in a hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation rat model
Raymond L.C. Kao, Weixiong Huang, Anargyros Xenocostas, David Driman, Claudio M. Martin, Tina Mele, Neil Parry, and Tao Rui
Read full article here and on page 77 at JMVFH Flipbook here

Military ethics and well-being: a soldier’s journey
Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger
Read full article here and on page 90 at JMVFH Flipbook here

The psychotherapeutic mapping of a soldier’s suffering: a narrative analysis of the Grimms’ “Bearskin”
Craig Stephenson
Read full article here and on page 94 at JMVFH Flipbook here

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