What Water Bodies Remember

1 June 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Jenn Cole.

All over Turtle Island, one finds water in places that ought to be dry and missing from spaces wherein she used to thrive. I think of Helen Knott’s poem calling out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the irresponsible building of the Site-C hydro dam that will flood 128 kilometres of the Peace River watershed, disrupting relationships with the lands and waters that sustain First Nations in that territory (Cox).


Researching “The Eisenhower Blues”

21 May 2020 Contributor Blog

Movie still from Out of the Past

Written by guest blogger Art Redding.

Boston is a pleasant city in summer.

Thanks to the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, I was able to afford a visit to the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University. The center owns a rich collection of American crime fiction materials, including manuscripts and ephemera by Charles Willeford.


Knowledge Mobilization in LIS

15 May 2020 Contributor Blog

Headshot of Debbie Schachter

Written by guest blogger Debbie Schachter.

In the most recent issue of CJILS, I have published an article describing my mixed methods research on critical information literacy teaching in B.C. higher education. While I’ve been a librarian for thirty years, I have come somewhat late to academic scholarship and primary research, through my recent completion of a Doctor of Education.


Theatre Post-Pandemic

12 May 2020 Contributor Blog

Acting class with students on the floor.
Written by guest blogger Chantal Bilodeau.

So much has been written about what the theatre is and should be. So much has been said about where it might be falling short and where it should be heading. But the one thing we never anticipated, at least in our immediate future, is that the theatre would go dark – abruptly, everywhere at once, and indefinitely.


Announcing the Georgina Feldberg Memorial Student Award in the History of Health and Medicine

4 May 2020 Contributor Blog

The Canadian Bulletin of Medical History/Bulletin canadien d’histoire de la medicine is proud to launch this award that honours the memory of Dr. Georgina Feldberg.


The Teller and the Tale: Reading Playwrights as Public Figures

27 April 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Benjamin Poore.

I’d set out to write an article on a contemporary play that fascinated me, Ella Hickson’s Oil (which premiered at the Almeida Theatre, London, in 2016).


An American Perspective on Canadian Corporate Law

20 April 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Camden Hutchison.

Although I teach Canadian law in a Canadian university, my legal education has been entirely in the United States. When I began my first full-time teaching position at the University of British Columbia three years ago, I was—in an almost literal sense—unqualified.


It’s Time to Address the Absence of Choice in Childbirth

13 April 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Elizabeth Chloe Romanis.

In 2018 the mainstream media was yet again reporting that there had been an increase in caesarean sections and was labelling this a “public health disaster.” Yet again, this was branded a result of pregnant women increasingly opting for caesarean section ‘when it isn’t medically necessary.’ The next thing I knew I was deep diving into literature about maternal request caesarean sections.


Reading the Poet’s Cards

6 April 2020 Contributor Blog

Tarot cards on table.Yeats and Tarot.

Written by guest blogger Julian Breandán Dean.

If you have ever visited the Yeats exhibit at the National Library of Ireland, you doubtlessly noticed the glass case containing Tarot cards, ritual notebooks, and a portrait of MacGregor Mathers dressed in his magic regalia.


How to Study Institutions Protecting Constitutional Democracy: An Introduction

30 March 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Mark Tushnet.

My recent article Institutions Protecting Constitutional Democracy: Some Conceptual and Methodological Preliminaries, 70 University of Toronto Law Journal 95 (2020), is a first installment of a larger project that I sketch in this blog post.