From Rap Battles to the Classroom Practice

15 July 2019 Contributor Blog
Photo of a classroom with chairs on the desks.

Written by guest blogger Melanie M. Wong. Educational research, in my opinion, is most effective when it is put into practice. In one of my early graduate courses I remember a professor commenting on how it took over forty years for research to enter into the classroom. Hearing this comment at the time both terrified […]


Scottish Military Suicide in the Long Twentieth Century

8 July 2019 Contributor Blog
FIRST-AID ON THE BATTLE-FIELD: A CAMERA IMPRESSION ON THE SOMME FRONT. Wounded soldiers undergoing quick but expert treatment at an advanced dressing-station. As soon as their immediate needs were satisfied, the motor-ambulance conveyed them to the base hospital. One ht horizon the smoke of a bursting shell can be distinctly seen.

Image Credit: World War One: first aid on the battlefield, Somme. Wellcome Collection. CC BY Written by guest blogger Dr. Simon Harold Walker. In 1916, just weeks after the first battle of the Somme, a Scottish Private penned his suicide note.  The note began, ‘I cannot stand it anymore…they will not let me come home.’ […]


Where is the Nearest Starbucks, or, Globalization, Technology and Frontier Migration?

2 July 2019 Contributor Blog
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The global(izing) city contains several cultural time zones which are familiar to frontier migrants Photo by DuBoix at Written by guest blogger Melissa Tandiwe Myambo One early morning in New Delhi, a young American woman who had recently migrated to India said to me, “Thank God for Google Maps!…[My move to India] wouldn’t have […]


Decriminalization According to Whom? Reflections on the Recriminalization of Homosexuality in 1969

24 June 2019 Contributor Blog
Black and white photo of police dragging someone down the street

A demonstrator is arrested at protests against bathhouse raids in Toronto, June 1981. The Arquives: Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Archives Written by guest blogger Tom Hooper. As a historian studying the Toronto bathhouse raids, one of my first research questions was about the criminal code reform in 1969. How could so many people be arrested in the […]


When English is not your first language

17 June 2019 Uncategorized
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Written by guest blogger Jessica Mayra Ferreira. For those whose English is not their first language, it might be a challenge to submit a manuscript and not receive the comment “needs to be reviewed by a native English speaker”. I have always considered myself as a fast learner when it comes to new languages and […]


Miner, Author, Singer, Lone-Actor Terrorist: The Lives and Death of Paul Joseph Chartier

10 June 2019 Contributor Blog
Clipping from the Ottawa Journal - Mad Bomber on Way to Kill MPS--Papers

Written by guest blogger Steve Hewitt Paul Joseph Chartier led a colourful life as a miner, hotelier, private detective, author, and singer in pursuit of a recording career.  He ended his life as a lone-actor terrorist. On 18 May 1966, Chartier expelled his last breath on a marble washroom floor outside of the House of […]


On Writing a Topical Piece for a Quarterly Journal

4 June 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger Stewart Manley I encountered unique challenges when I wrote about an ongoing legal case, Federal Trade Commission v. OMICS et al., for the Journal of Scholarly Publishing. I anticipated that the quarterly publishing cycle of JSP meant that it would take longer to publish my work than at a news outlet […]


Hollywood Comes to Canada: The Making of Captains of the Clouds

27 May 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger Dr. Jessica Leonora Whitehead During the Oscars this year a new PSA aired from the Canadian Media Fund, launching the MADE Campaign, which celebrates the work of Canadians in the film industry from both home and abroad. Narrated by Christopher Plumber, scenes from Hollywood productions like Deadpool, The Handmaid’s Tale, and […]


Survey Research, Public Opinion, and the Canadian Market Research Industry

21 May 2019 Contributor Blog
Old paper ad with drawing of two men shaking hands in front of a line graph with dates,says With a finger on the pulse of CANADIAN RADIO continuously since 1940.

Written by guest blogger Christopher Adams. Ten years ago, I was asked to write a chapter titled “Public Opinion Polling in Canada” for Mediating Canadian Politics, a collection of essays co-edited by professors Shannon Sampert and Linda Trimble. The focus of the piece was on polling during Canadian election campaigns. The chapter commenced with a […]


Battle of the Somme: What the Audience Saw

13 May 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger Seth Feldman. Battle of the Somme (Geoffrey Malins and J.B. McDowell, 1916) was the most seen non-fiction film made during the Great War and in wartime Britain, the most seen film, period. For a hundred years bits of its remarkable footage have appeared in documentaries to the point where they have […]