Celebrate Women’s History Month with #FreeToRead Interdisciplinary Research

March 1, 2024

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In recognition of Women’s History Month, University of Toronto Press is pleased to offer free access to a selection of interdisciplinary articles from across our journals. Explore the collection and discover research including Lyndsay Rosenthal’s report on the treatment of nursing sisters after WWI; an article by Karissa Patton and Whitney Wood on the history of pelvic self-examination as a tool of feminist resistance; Erica S. Lawson’s analysis of Black maternal sufferation in the afterlife of slavery; and more.

The collection is Free to Read until the end of March.

Canadian Historical Review
“Doctors Aren’t Familiar with Your Tissues”: Self-Examination and Feminist Health Activism in 1970s Canada
Karissa Patton, Whitney Wood
CHR 104.2, 2023

Canadian Journal of Health History
“If Ever a Wreck Came Back from Overseas She Was One”: The Treatment and Pensioning of Psychologically Traumatized Nursing Sisters after the First World War
Lyndsay Rosenthal
CJHH 40.1

Canadian Review of American Studies
Black Women and State-Sanctioned Violence: A History of Victimization and Exclusion
Breea C. Willingham
CRAS 48.1, 2023

Canadian Theatre Review
Absent, Invisible, and Incoherent: Archiving Queer Women’s Performance Futurities
Laine Zisman Newman
CTR 163, 2015

Eighteenth-Century Fiction
From Unnatural Fanatics to “Fair Quakers”: How English Mainstream Culture Transformed Women Friends between 1650 and 1740
Ana M. Acosta
ECF 31.4, 2019

Journal of Canadian Studies
Black Women’s Mothering Practices in the Canadian Racial State: Reflections on Maternal Sufferation in the Afterlife of Slavery
Erica S. Lawson
JCS 57.1, 2023

Journal of History
Witchcraft Pamphlets at the Dawn of the Scottish Enlightenment
Nico Mara-McKay
JH 56.3, 2021

“In Another Place, Not Here”? Black Feminist Histories and Dionne Brand’s No Burden to Carry
Teresa Zackodnik
TOPIA 34, 2015

University of Toronto Quarterly
The Society of Women in the History of Othello from Shakespeare to Verdi
Jill L. Levenson
UTQ 81.4, 2012

Urban History Review
Women’s Inclusion and Participation in Municipal Elections: Historical Evidence from Eligible Voters Lists
Laura Conrad, Jack Lucas
UHR 51.1, 2023

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