Celebrating Peer Review Week

September 25, 2023

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Join us in celebrating Peer Review Week!

This annual scholarly event acknowledges the significance of peer review and its profound impact on all stakeholders in academic publishing. This year’s theme is “Peer Review and The Future of Publishing.”

We invite you to explore the following articles, thoughtfully curated from diverse issues of the Journal of Scholarly Publishing (JSP). These articles delve into various aspects of peer review, including its historical evolution, defining peer review, and dispelling common misconceptions surrounding this critical process.

All the articles listed below are #FreetoRead until September 29, 2023.

Scholarly Review, Old and New
Mark Hooper
JSP 55.1, 2019

Professionalizing Peer Review Suggestions for a More Ethical and Pedagogical Review Process
Nick J. Sciullo, Mike Duncan
JSP 50.4, 2019

Defining and Characterizing Open Peer Review: A Review of the Literature
Emily Ford
JSP 44.4, 2013

Burn This Article: An Inflammatory View of Peer Review
Trevor Lipscombe
JSP 49.3, 2016

How to Be an Effective Peer Reviewer: Some Personal Thoughts
Stephen K. Donovan
JSP 46.1, 2014

Peer Review As Boundary Work
Graham Norton
JSP 43.3, 2012

Peer Review: Fetishes, Fallacies, and Perceptions
Robin Derricourt
JSP 43.2, 2012

Losing Our Modesty: The Content and Communication of Peer Review
Mark Edington
JSP 49.3, 2018

A Three-Decade History of the Duration of Peer Review
R. Lee Lyman
JSP 44.3, 2013

The Ontology of the Scholarly Journal and the Place of Peer Review
Bonnie Wheeler
JSP 42.3, 2011


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