Moving to Online Publication: Canadian Journal of History / Annales canadiennes d’histoire

May 28, 2018

For over fifty years, the CJH / ACH has produced first-class historical scholarship that reaches a wide audience. That audience is increasingly accessing our content wholly through digital platforms. Last year alone, 10,000 readers downloaded articles and book reviews. In response to this reality, and to rapid changes in academic publishing, our Editorial Board has decided that starting in 2019 the CJH / ACH will be published online only. The shift to digital-only production will allow us to produce higher-quality copy that is more accessible to low-vision readers, while also enabling us to include full-colour, high resolution images. And, if you are already an online subscriber, you know that this means you get the journal sooner than the mail can deliver it!

We thank you for your continued support! CJH/ACH Covers Read Online

Want to see what’s been making impact online? Here are our some of most downloaded articles!


Raven Plays Ball: Situating “Indian Sports Days” within Indigenous and Colonial Spaces in Twentieth-Century Coastal British Columbia

Since Skyscrapers: New Histories of Native-Newcomer Relations in Honour of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of J.R. Miller’s Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens

The Adoption of Frances T: Blood, Belonging, and Aboriginal Transracial Adoption in Twentieth-Century Canada

Commerce, Industry, and the Laws of Newtonian Science: Weber Revisited and Revised

Difficultés Économiques et Réaction Seigneuriale au Terroir de Beaucaire: La Commanderie des Hospitaliers de Saint-Pierre de Campublic aux XIVe et XVe Siècles

“He was neither a soldier nor a slave: he was under the control of no man”: Kahnawake Mohawks in the Northwest Fur Trade, 1790–1850

The Queen’s Jews: Religion, Race, and Change in Twentieth-Century Canada


The Fascist Challenge and the Policy of Appeasement, edited by Wolfgang J. Mommsen and Lothar Kettenacker

Histoire des industries françaises. Les industries lainères de Colbert à la Révolution, par Tihomir J. Markovitch


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