Coming Soon: International Open Access Week 2016!

October 21, 2016

OA Week

International Open Access Week 2016 is fast approaching! We are looking forward to celebrating and bringing awareness to the benefits of openness in scholarly communication.

Open Access promotes and provides free and immediate online access to scholarly research, which in turn helps to elevate the visibility of scholarship as a whole.

Today, Open Access material has become a regular fixture in the world of scholarly publishing, and it continues to garner more support from institutions, publishers, faculty, researchers, students, and members of the general public each year.

With this year’s theme of “Open in Action,” we at UTP Journals would like to show our support for Open Access initiatives by sharing how we have taken action to make OA an integrated part of our publishing program, which is why we are dedicating all of next week to shining the spotlight on OA content in our journals!

Stay tuned for a ton of fantastic and free content coming your way!

International Open Access Week 2016 takes place from October 24–30. For more information, please visit

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