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June 30, 2016

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Toronto’s Pride Festival has quickly evolved to be the largest Pride celebration in North America. To celebrate we’ve made a select collection of articles on the history, culture, and diversity of the LGBTQ community available for FREE until Monday! There are some really interesting reads below, make sure to check them out!

“Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside” — Lin-Manuel Miranda

History of Homosexuality and Human Rights in Canada

“‘The Most Openly Gay Person for at Least a Thousand Miles’: Doug Wilson and the Politicization of a Province, 1975-83.” by Valere J. Korinek, Canadian Historical Review 84.4 (2003): 517-50.

“The Queer Career of Homosexual Security Vetting in Cold War Canada.” by Daniel J. Robinson and David Kimmel, Canadian Historical Review 75.3 (1994): 319-45.

“What Does Being Gay Have to Do with It? A Feminist Analysis of the Jubran Case.” by Tia Dafnos, Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 49.5 (2007): 561-85.

“Hated Identities: Queers and Canadian Anti-hate Legislation.” by Dawn Moore and Angus Maclean Rennie, Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 48.5 (2006): 823-36.

 “The Practices of Lesbian Mothers and Quebec’s Reforms.” by Robert Leckey, Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 23.2 (2011): 579-99.

 “Transforming Law’s Family: The Legal Recognition of Planned Lesbian Motherhood.” by Robert Leckey,Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 24.2 (2012): 482-88.

““Tony Danza Is My Sperm Donor?”: Queer Kinship and the Impact of Canadian Regulations around Sperm Donation.” by Stu Marvel, Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 25.2 (2013): 221-48.

Identities and Experiences in Canada

“Religious Freedom and Sexual Orientation: Equality Jurisprudence and Intersecting Identities” by Heather Shipley, Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 27.2 (2015): 248-283

“Somewhere Under the Rainbow: Exploring the Identities and Experiences of Trans Persons.”  by Emma Dargie, Karen Blair, Caroline Pukall, and Shannon Coyle, The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality (2014): 1-15.

“Not All One and the Same: Sexual Identity, Activism, and Collective Self-esteem.” by Amy Gray and Serge Desmarais, The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality (2014)

“Gender Independent Kids: A Paradigm Shift in Approaches to Gender Non-conforming Children.”  by Jake Pyne, The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality 23.1 (2014): 1-8.

Pride in the Theatre and Popular Culture

“”What a Difference a Gay Makes”: Queering the Magic Negro.” by Gayle R. Baldwin, Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 5.1 (2003): 3.

“Reagan’s Rainbow Rodeos: Queer Challenges to the Cowboy Dreams of Eighties America.”  by Christopher Le Coney and Zoe Trodd, Canadian Review of American Studies 39.2 (2009): 163-83.

“Lesbians on the French Stage: From Homosexuality to Monique Wittig’s Lesbianization of the Theatre” by Jeannelle Laillou Savona, Modern Drama 39.1 (2009): 132-155

“Dressing Up and Dressing Down: Costumes, Risky Play, Transgender, and Maritime English Canadian Charivari Paradoxes1.”  by Pauline Greenhill, Canadian Theatre Review 151.-1 (2012): 7-15.

““You’re Just a Stripper That Came Out of a Time Machine”: Operation Snatch’s Queer World-Making and Sex-Working Class.” by Sarah Mann, Canadian Theatre Review 158 (2014): 50-53.

“The Sense of an Ending: The Representation of Homosexuality in Brendan Behan’s The Hostage.”  by Ann Marie Adams, Modern Drama 40.3 (1997): 414-21.

““I’ll Google It”: Gossip, Queer Intimacies, and the Internet.”  by Maria Francesca Fackler, Modern Drama 53.3 (2010): 390-409.

“Noël Coward and Sexual Modernism: Private Lives as Queer Comedy.”  by Penny Farfan, Modern Drama 48.4 (2005): 677-88.

“”It Seems Queer”: The Censorship of Her Wedding Night.”  by Christina Hauck, Modern Drama 41.4 (1998): 546-56

“Acting Gay in the Age of Queer: Pondering the Revival of The Boys in the Band.”  by Tomothy Schele, Modern Drama 42.1 (1999): 1-15.

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