Throwback Thursday: Transforming Something Old into Something New

November 12, 2015

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We’ve all judged a book by its cover, it’s okay to admit it. We have all been guilty of this at some point or another no matter how loudly our moral compass screams at us not to. Yet, we continue to do so. Why? Well, believe it or not, the cover does play a crucial role in the reading experience. It is the reader’s first impression of the story that lies within its pages, the deciding factor of whether to lift the book off its shelf, or move on.

Academic journals are no exception. Not only can a great journal cover captivate the attention of potential subscribers, but it provides the reader with their first impression of the quality of  research published inside as well as the professionalism of the journal itself. Take a look below at some of the dramatic transformations our journal covers have undergone over the years to better represent their content and reputation to readers.

Canadian Historical Review
AAUPBlogTour_tbt_CHRLeft: The Canadian Historical Review cover published until 2008.
Right: The Canadian Historical Review cover published from 2009-present.

Founded in 1920 as Canada’s national history journal, the Canadian Historical Review (CHR) focuses on publishing articles and book reviews examining the history of Canada, including imperial, transnational, and comparative perspectives. Otherwise, the journal’s objectives remain today fundamentally what they were almost a hundred years ago: to publish high-quality, authoritative, and innovative articles in both English and French, based on original research and sound methodology. These articles are to reflect the best of the diversity within Canadian historical scholarship while, at the same time, speaking to a broad readership.

Canadian Review of American Studies

AAUPBlogTour_tbt_CRASLeft: The Canadian Review of American Studies cover published until 2007.
Right: The Canadian Review of American Studies cover published from 2008-present.

The Canadian Review of American Studies is published three times a year by the Canadian Association for American Studies with the support of Carleton University. Canadian Review of American Studies is the leading American Studies journal outside the United States and the only journal in Canada that deals with cross-border themes and their implications for multicultural societies. Published three times a year, the journal aims to further multi- and interdisciplinary analyses of the culture of the US and of social relations between the US and Canada. CRAS is a dynamic and innovative journal, providing unique perspectives and insights in an increasingly complex and intertwined world of extraordinarily difficult problems that continue to call for scholarly input.

Canadian Theatre Review

AAUPBlogTour_tbt_CTRLeft: The Canadian Theatre Review cover published until 2005.
Right: The Canadian Theatre Review cover published from 2013-present.

The Canadian Theatre Review features thought-provoking plays and articles on current issues and trends in Canadian theatre. CTR provides the Canadian theatre community with in-depth feature articles, manifestos, slideshows, videos, design portfolios, photo essays, and other documents that reflect the challenging forms that theatre takes in the contemporary Canadian arts scene.


AAUPBlogTour_tbt_CARTOLeft: The Cartographica cover published until 2010.
Right: The Cartographica cover published from 2011-present.

Cartographica is an international, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal which publishes transformative research, education, and practice contributions to the social, political, technological, and historical aspects of Cartography. In addition, the journal is the official publication of the Canadian Cartographic Association.

Eighteenth-Century Fiction

AAUPBlogTour_tbt_ECFLeft: The Eighteenth-Century Fiction cover published from 1988-1998
Right: The Eighteenth-Century Fiction cover published from 2007-present.

Eighteenth-Century Fiction (ECF) is an international, peer-reviewed quarterly devoted to the critical and historical investigation of literature and culture of the period 1660-1832. Since its foundation in 1988, ECF has expanded its scope to reflect changes in the discipline, and we now solicit and publish a variety of approaches on a wide range of relevant cultural materials.

Journal of Scholarly Publishing

AAUPBlogTour_tbt_JSPLeft: The Journal of Scholarly Publishing cover published until 1998.
Right: The Journal of Scholarly Publishing cover published from 1999-present.

Journal of Scholarly Publishing targets the unique issues facing the scholarly publishing industry today. It is the indispensable resource for academics and publishers that addresses the new challenges resulting from changes in technology, funding and innovations in publishing.  In serving the wide-ranging interests of the international academic publishing community, JSP provides a balanced look at the issues and concerns, from solutions to everyday publishing problems to commentary on the philosophical questions at large.

Modern Drama

AAUPBlogTour_tbt_MDLeft: The Modern Drama cover published from 1958-1970
Right: The Modern Drama cover published from 2007-present.

Modern Drama was founded in 1958 and is the most prominent journal in English to focus on dramatic literature. The terms “modern” and “drama” are the subject of continuing and fruitful debate, but the journal has been distinguished by the excellence of its close readings of both canonical and lesser-known dramatic texts from a range of methodological perspectives. The journal features refereed articles written from a variety of geo-political points of view which enhance our understanding, both formal and historical, of the dramatic literature of the past two centuries; there is also an extensive book review section.

University of Toronto Quarterly

AAUPBlogTour_tbt_UTQLeft: The University of Toronto Quarterly cover published until 1988.
Right: The University of Toronto Quarterly cover published from 2002-present.

Acclaimed as one of the finest journals focused on the humanities, the University of Toronto Quarterly publishes interdisciplinary articles and review essays of international repute. This interdisciplinary approach provides a depth and quality to the journal that attracts both general readers and specialists from across the humanities.

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