Irving Louis Horowitz Remembered by John Taylor

July 29, 2014

Irving Louis HorowitzThe new issue of the Journal of Scholarly Publishing includes a very special tribute to Irving Louis Horowitz. Often regarded by his colleagues as a force of nature, Horowitz was constantly making advances in American scholarship while simultaneously managing institutions and an academic career. His colleague, John Taylor, remembers Irving Louis Horowitz:

“I suspect that he was often drawn to what was unknown to him in disciplines lying outside of his immediate scholarly interests in the social sciences. His letters reveal an exceptional inquisitiveness, ever inviting his correspondents to teach him something that he might not know. This curiosity was genuinely extroverted—that is, neither selfserving nor ostentatious—and it was accompanied by a sort of benevolence that was expressed generously, straightforwardly. As I reread our correspondence, I am moved once again by his inspiring cordiality; even in technical messages about manuscripts, proofs, deadlines, and marketing matters, he always added something personal and uplifting.”

To learn more about the achievements of Irving Louis Horowitz and the impact he had on his colleagues lives, read “Remembering Irving Louis Horowitz 1929-2012” from the Journal of Scholarly Publishing.

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