Throwback Thursday: The Life of Julia Marlowe

October 24, 2013


English-born actress Julia Marlowe is revered not only for her portrayal of William Shakespeare’s heroines, but also for her dedication and determination in pursuing her dream career.

Despite making her Broadway debut at the age of 21, Marlowe was not a financially successful actress until she directed and starred in When Knightwood Was in Flower. Marlowe’s desire to focus her career on Shakespeare’s plays ignited after she appeared as Balthazar in Romeo and Juliet and Maria in Twelfth Night.  In 1904, her dreams took flight when she paired up to perform with E.H. Southern.  The duo was destined to become the leading couple in Shakespearean performance.  Marlowe later married Southern and they performed alongside one another until                                                                                 they retired in 1924.

Discover each of Julia Marlowe’s roles and achievements that led her to become one of the greatest actresses of the 19th century in Edward Wagenknecht’s “Julia Marlowe: Portrait of an Actress”, which appeared in the 1959 edition of Modern Drama.

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