Miner, Author, Singer, Lone-Actor Terrorist: The Lives and Death of Paul Joseph Chartier

10 June 2019 Contributor Blog
Clipping from the Ottawa Journal - Mad Bomber on Way to Kill MPS--Papers

Written by guest blogger Steve Hewitt Paul Joseph Chartier led a colourful life as a miner, hotelier, private detective, author, and singer in pursuit of a recording career.  He ended his life as a lone-actor terrorist. On 18 May 1966, Chartier expelled his last breath on a marble washroom floor outside of the House of […]


On Writing a Topical Piece for a Quarterly Journal

4 June 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger Stewart Manley I encountered unique challenges when I wrote about an ongoing legal case, Federal Trade Commission v. OMICS et al., for the Journal of Scholarly Publishing. I anticipated that the quarterly publishing cycle of JSP meant that it would take longer to publish my work than at a news outlet […]


Hollywood Comes to Canada: The Making of Captains of the Clouds

27 May 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger Dr. Jessica Leonora Whitehead During the Oscars this year a new PSA aired from the Canadian Media Fund, launching the MADE Campaign, which celebrates the work of Canadians in the film industry from both home and abroad. Narrated by Christopher Plumber, scenes from Hollywood productions like Deadpool, The Handmaid’s Tale, and […]


Survey Research, Public Opinion, and the Canadian Market Research Industry

21 May 2019 Contributor Blog
Old paper ad with drawing of two men shaking hands in front of a line graph with dates,says With a finger on the pulse of CANADIAN RADIO continuously since 1940.

Written by guest blogger Christopher Adams. Ten years ago, I was asked to write a chapter titled “Public Opinion Polling in Canada” for Mediating Canadian Politics, a collection of essays co-edited by professors Shannon Sampert and Linda Trimble. The focus of the piece was on polling during Canadian election campaigns. The chapter commenced with a […]


Battle of the Somme: What the Audience Saw

13 May 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger Seth Feldman. Battle of the Somme (Geoffrey Malins and J.B. McDowell, 1916) was the most seen non-fiction film made during the Great War and in wartime Britain, the most seen film, period. For a hundred years bits of its remarkable footage have appeared in documentaries to the point where they have […]


From Zombies to Christ, Bringing Darkness to Light

6 May 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger James R. Crooke. Zombies, as we know them in pop-culture—apocalyptic, cannibalistic, infectious-plague monsters —were first depicted in George A. Romero’s 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead, which pioneered an entirely new horror genre: the zombie apocalypse. This was the first time zombies communicated, and they have been communicating meaningfully ever […]


The Origin and Development of “Strange Bedfellows”

29 April 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger Wayne Batten. Readers may well wonder how I became interested in this topic. When I somewhat belatedly realized how the internet had changed the conditions under which pornography is accessed and viewed, my reaction, particularly in light of my concern for young people who would likely encounter it, was a combination […]


The Journal of Education Human Resources Joins the University of Toronto Press Journals

25 April 2019 UTP News
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University of Toronto Press is pleased to announce that the Journal of Education Human Resources (JEHR), formerly known as the Journal of School Public Relations (JSPR), has joined UTP’s Journals publishing program. The Journal of Education Human Resources is a quarterly publication providing research, analysis, case studies, and field-based commentary on human resource issues in […]


A General Good Time

22 April 2019 Contributor Blog
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Written by guest blogger Matthew Smith. Judging children’s behaviour is largely a matter of perspective.  Whether we see certain childhood behaviours as positive or negative often boils down to our particular viewpoint and, crucially, how said behaviour impinges on us, the adult.  As I suggest in “Snips and Snails,” perceptions of positive and negative childhood […]


Notes on Ethnographic Situations in Vietnamese American Communities

12 April 2019 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger An Tuan Nguyen. Southern California, May 2012: Standing in a parking lot of a motel where I stayed for several weeks during one of my field visits were three young informants and I. All three of them were my former students in Ho Chi Minh City between 2008 and 2009. They […]