Who is the Future For? Thought Experiments, Bioethics, and Artificial Wombs

28 September 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest bloggers Claire Horn and Elizabeth Chloe Romanis.

When we set out to write this paper, we did so out of a sense of growing concern over the direction in which discussion of artificial wombs seemed to be headed.


More Reflections on COVID and Productivity

22 September 2020 Contributor Blog

Photo: David Stobbe / University of Saskatchewan

Written by guest blogger Erika Dyck.

In May 2020 I wrote a short article about working from home during COVID, which I subtitled “coping with the guilt of unmet expectations”.


From British America to Buena Vista: Canadians in the Mexican War

21 September 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Patrick Lacroix.

The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) was a defining event for both belligerent countries.


Political Speeches and Reconstructing the National Identity in Moments of Crisis

14 September 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Raymond B. Blake.

Leaders matter. So do their speeches, even if there is considerable disconnect between what leaders say and what they do.


Putting New France back into “Rupert’s Land” (the Hudson Bay Watershed):
Imperial Ambitions and Colonial Projects in post-Utrecht North America

8 September 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Scott Berthelette.

On May 2, 1670, a Royal Charter issued by King Charles II of England incorporated the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and granted the new company a presumptive monopoly over the territory whose rivers and streams flow into Hudson Bay…


Rereading the 1969 debates on homosexuality

17 August 2020 Contributor Blog

Black and white photo of man with Gay Pride sign.Written by guest blogger Robert Leckey.

This article dives into the House of Commons debates from the late 1960s on the omnibus bill that partly decriminalized homosexuality. At the outset, I expected to find virulently homophobic remarks in the speeches of members of Parliament opposed to the reform. Perhaps naively, I hadn’t anticipated that even supporters of reform would take such pains to emphasize that they, too, were disgusted by homosexuality.


“Indigenous Cinema and Media in the Americas: Storytelling, Communities, and Sovereignties”: virtual launch at the Montreal First Peoples’ Festival Présence autochtone

11 August 2020 Contributor Blog

This blog post is from a conversation between André Dudemaine, Director of the Montreal First Peoples’ Festival Présence autochtone, and Isabelle St-Amand, Assistant Professor at Queen’s University, August 8, 2020 via Skype.


Moving Drama Online

10 August 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Sue Proctor.

I currently teach a drama class for adults with intellectual disabilities at Inclusion Winnipeg. In March, with the coming of the pandemic, drama classes and shows were all cancelled. Like the university, we moved the class online and everything changed.


From Submission to Publication: The Linda F. Dietz Graduate Essay Prize

4 August 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Matthew Barrett.

I am honoured to receive CJH’s Dietz Essay Prize for my article, “Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Doctor: Medical Attitudes toward Homosexuality and the Court Martial of Dr. Percy Ryberg.” The article examines the Second World War case of an RCAF medical officer charged for renting a London apartment with airmen later accused of homosexual activities.


The Printed Book is Still Thriving

27 July 2020 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Matt Baehr.

I had the pleasure of writing an article in May about Book Manufacturing during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are now in July and things are continuing to evolve. Schools are starting to make their decisions about fall classes. The American Academy of Pediatrics has pushed for schools to open with students physically present.