American Historical Association Annual Meeting

2 January 2020 Articles

This January 3–6th we will be New York City for the American Historical Association Annual Meeting! At UTP Journals, we love the opportunity to connect with scholars and share the latest research in historical studies from our collection.


Peer review has always been scary

16 December 2019 Contributor Blog

Photo of Cicero reading.

Written by guest blogger Mark Hooper.

If you know what it’s like to wait anxiously for feedback on a submitted manuscript, you’re in good historical company.


Bridging the Gap in Graduate School Writing: The Linda F. Dietz Graduate Essay Prize

9 December 2019 Contributor Blog

Photo of Hannah Roth Cooley

Written by guest blogger Hannah Roth Cooley.

In graduate school, it is difficult to know exactly when one should take the risk of sending their work out to be considered for publication. It is a scary first step.


The Yazidi Firmans (Pogroms, Genocides, and Ethnic Cleansing): A Historical Perspective

2 December 2019 Contributor Blog

Photo of Majid Hassan Ali

Written by guest blogger Majid Hassan Ali.

The Yazidis are an ethno-religious minority with ancestral roots in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Today, the majority of Yazidis live in Northern Iraq, with smaller communities present in Turkey, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, and Russia, as well as a significant diaspora in the West. 


Black Conceptual Aesthetics and the Politics of the Imagination

25 November 2019 Contributor Blog


Written by guest blogger Katie Schaag.

“Because white men can’t police their imagination,” Claudia Rankine writes in Citizen, “black men are dying.” The violent policing of black bodies in public and private spaces necessitates fugitive practices.


Understanding academic authors in the humanities and social sciences

20 November 2019 Contributor Blog

Photo of open book
Written by guest blogger Dr Agata Mrva-Montoya.

The question of how book the publishing process could be improved was the driving force behind our research project into the publishing experiences, motivations and needs of academic authors working in the humanities and social sciences in Australia.


Designing psychomotor skills labs—when being efficient is a bad thing.

11 November 2019 Contributor Blog

Transition practice

When I took over our skills program, I didn’t think too much about the brain science behind psychomotor skills learning. I spent much more time thinking about how to move 100+ students through each lab most efficiently. Students mostly loved the lab time—it was a nice break from the classroom and they felt like they were doing real veterinary things.


Journal of Scholarly Publishing : Fifty Years and a Community

7 November 2019 Contributor Blog

workplace image

Over the past fifty years, the Journal of Scholarly Publishing (previously called Scholarly Publishing: A Journal for Authors and Publishers) has created a vast community of authors, publishers, scholars, librarians, academic department heads, administrators of educational and fund-granting bodies, and readers.


The University Press in the post-truth era: Why it’s more important than ever to publicly recognize our peer review community and their role in maintaining the integrity of scholarly publishing

5 November 2019 Contributor Blog

workplace image

In the populist era of Donald Trump, this idea is more pertinent than ever. Scholarly research must maintain the sanctity of truth versus falsehood, integrity versus dishonesty. As a publisher, University of Toronto Press recognizes peer review’s critical value in navigating these extremes and providing that underlying rigour which supports scholarly publishing as a whole. But what do we actually mean by “recognizing” our reviewers?


Celebrating Fifty Years of Covers for JSP

28 October 2019 Contributor Blog

Written by guest blogger Mary Lui.

To commemorate the journal’s fiftieth anniversary, we invite you to travel through time and view the past fifty years of covers for the Journal of Scholarly Publishing (previously called Scholarly Publishing: A Journal for Authors & Publishers), all of which have now been made available online.