How To Cite Social Media in an Academic Paper

September 30, 2013

In the age of digital advancements, it was expected that research published online would become a credible source to include in the composition of scholarly writing.  This practice has now expanded to encompass social media.  But how do you cite it? Guidelines have finally been developed for MLA and APA style.  Find out how to cite blog posts, Youtube Videos, Tweets, E-Mails and Facebook Posts below!


Social Media



Chicago Style



Lastname, Firstname. “Title of Blog Post Entry.” Blog Title. Publisher. Date Posted. Web. Date Accessed Lastname. Firstinitial. (Year.Month.Date). Title of Blog Post Entry. [Web Log Post] Retrieved from Firstname Lastname, “Title of the Blog Post Entry,” title or description of the blog with (blog), Date posted, url.


Youtube Videos

Title of Video. Date of Publication of Video. YouTube. Web. Date Accessed. Lastname, Firstinitial. (Year, Month Day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from



Lastname, Firstname (Username). “Enter the tweet message here.” Date posted, time viewed. Tweet. Twitter handle. (Year, Month Day). Enter tweet message here. [Twitter post]. Retrieved from



Lastname, Firstname. “Subject of Message.” Message to Recipient’s Name. Date of Message. Email. In text citation only!(personal communication, Month Day, Year) Firstname Lastname, email message to XX, Date.


Facebook Posts

Lastname, Firstname. “Enter Facebook post here.” Facebook. Date posted. [Date accessed. <web address>] Username. (Year, Month Day). Enter Facebook post here. [Facebook update]. Retrieved from
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